How is Dholera building a better Smart City

The government of Gujarat is transforming the land of Dholera into India's first sustainable Greenfield Smart City


To create new jobs

India has a growing population of youth that is going into the job market 

To provide job opportunities for the youth, India is building new cities

Where foreign companies will set up manufacturing and in return create jobs


Preserving the environment by using sustainable technologies

while new cities are great for the economy

Dholera is also focusing on creating sustainable cities that will have a positive impact on the environment

green cities


Walk to work

designing an Indian city where you can walk or cycle to work just like we see in European cities


Great Transportation

with great roads and easily assessable public transport for all the residents of the city

The Dholera Smart City is currently under construction 

And will be operational by 2023

Luxury Bungalow plots in Dholera

At only ₹ 12.5 Lacs

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