A peek into the Aviation MRO in India

Indian Airports

India is facing a huge transportation problem

As India's middle class grows to it's all time high

160m in 2011  547m in 2025

India will become the world's third-largest buyer of passenger planes by 2030

With more than 1,000 aircraft currently on order

while also developing 100 Low Cost Airports across smaller cities

This rapid expansion creates a new problem for India

This would mean a lot of Indian aircrafts are going to need regular repairs

As of now, India outsources 90% MRO services to Singapore, the UAE, and Sri Lanka.

Hence, India needs to build new MRO airports to handle 90% of its domestic carrier requirement

By doing so Airlines would save on fuel and logistic costs. 

and also conserve it's foreign exchange

in addition, the MRO ecosystem will create highly skilled job opportunities

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