The top five cities are steadily improving.

Greenfield Cities

Projects initiated by these worldwide cities are winning the race to save the planet, from sustainable urban farming to flood-resistant infrastructure.

Producing less pollutants and having a positive environmental impact


Rosario, Argentina The environmentally friendly technique of food production not only cuts emissions, but it also creates jobs by granting low-income individuals ownership of public land for food cultivation.


Nairobi, Kenya The Kibera Public Space Project has helped to lessen flood danger in one of the world's greatest slums while also providing water and sanitation.


Monterrey, Mexico To reduce the city's reliance on cars and provide urban amenities in order to build a "sustainable urban future," DistritoTec has encouraged the creation of parks, community centres, and bike lanes


London, England The Ultra Low Emissions Zone in London was established in 2019 to address the "problems of both climate change and social justice," with rigorous emissions restrictions in place within 8 miles of the city centre.


Ahmedabad, India The Mahila Housing Trust, based in the city's slums, provides training for women to handle climate concerns in their communities.

These are cities that have undertaken ambitious programmes to address climate change and other issues.

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Greenfield Cities