Top 5 cities improving themselves day by day

Greenfield Cities

From sustainable urban farming to infrastructure combating floods, projects launched by these global cities are winning save the earth race.

Producing less pollution and creating a postitive impact on the environment


Rosario, Argentina The sustainable method of food production reduces emissions, but the program also produces employment opportunities by giving low-income residents ownership of public land for food cultivation.


Nairobi, Kenya The Kibera Public Space Project has reduced flood risk in one of the world’s largest slums, providing water and sanitation services along the way.


Monterrey, Mexico DistritoTec has facilitated the creation of parks, community centers and bike lanes to make the city less reliant on cars and provide urban amenities to foster a “sustainable urban future.”


London, England London’s Ultra Low Emissions Zone was created in 2019 to combat this “problem of both climate change and social justice,” with 8 miles of the city center having strict emissions standards.


Ahmedabad, India The Mahila Housing Trust, an organization in the city’s slums, gives women the training to address climate risks within their community.

These are improve cities that launched ambitious projects to tackle climate change and other situations.

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Greenfield Cities