Top 5 heavenly places in India

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Here's a list of top 5 amazing places in India that will make you instantly wanna go there.


Kashmir Valley Kashmir is surrounded by mountain peaks, lush green valleys, glistening lakes, temples and spectacular Mughal-era gardens, it has inspired poets through centuries


Chandrataal lake This Himachali lake is known as the most beautiful lake in the world as it changes colors. From being transparent in the morning to being deep sea blue in the evening, it's the most amazing site.


Backwaters The backwater of Kerala is also known as the Venice of India, surrounded by greenery, it truly is one of kind experience.


Rann of Kutch The Rann of Kutch is the largest white desert in the whole world. Every winter there's a Rann utsav that is definitely a must see.


Agatii Island This island is Lakshadweep's most famous tourist attraction.

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