Top 5 under construction mega smart cities in India

Greenfield Cities

Over the next few years India will face a lack of employment and most of the rural population will have to leave their homes to work in the city.

This leads to overpopulation in the metropolitan cities, 

As a solution, India plans to build 100 new smart cities. Here are the top 5


Gift city   An international finance tech-city is located in Gujarat.


Naya Raipur  Previously known as the Atalpur city. Naya raipur will be a greenfield smart city


Yeida city The Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority is developing a new smart city to take the load of Noida and greater Noida.


Naina smart city A new city just 25 kms away from Navi Mumbai International Airport.


Dholera smart city 100 kilometers away from Ahmedabad, India's first Greenfield Smart City

Did you know Dholera smart city is the first special investment region of the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor.

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Greenfield Cities