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What is Dholera Smart City

Posted by Joel Mascarenhas on 9th May 2022

The Dholera Smart City is India’s first greenfield city that is being built at Gujarat. By implementing world class infrastructure and sustainable urban planning Dholera Smart City will become a model city for future cities that will be built in India.

But firstly, what exactly is a smart city?

A smart city is well planned and organised. This allows it to function a lot better than a normal city. It could mean, they have better infrastructure for things like drainage and water management to ensure there’s no flooding or wasted being wasted by the city.

Living in an urban city like Mumbai comes with it’s problems

Most People from metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Delhi know what it’s like:

tall buildings along a polluted highway leading to Dholera Smart City
  • Bearing with hours of traffic after work.
  • Walking in knee length water every year due to the clogged drains in the monsoons.
  • Buying air purifiers for your homes because the air quality is so unbreathable.

But Living in a rural city comes at the cost of convenience

Now coming to the problems that people living in rural areas face. They may breathe a pollution free air and are surrounded by nature, but at what cost?

city view in the day
  • Due to lower budgets, repairing infrastructure like roads take a lot of time
  • A lack of public transportation makes it expensive to move around the city.
  • There are a lot less job opportunities as compared to larger cities
  • A lack of international airport means you would have to fly to multiple cities

Dholera Smart City is Solving for Urban living

Now the solution to all of these problems is building new smart cities from ground up. The government of India is building Dholera Smart City in such a way that:

An Infographic showing how Dholera Smart City will account for nearly 70 percent of Indian GDP by 2030
  • All the infrastructure the city needs will be provided underground
  • There will no digging needed for the next 30 years
  • By planning it from scratch, they would reduce traffic congestion
  • The city would produce very little waste and almost zero pollution

Some of the infrastructure Dholera Smart City is implementing

  • The Dholera Smart City construction has already begun and would have a Plug & Play system. This would mean that all the infrastructure needed for industries to setup will be provided to them at plot level.
  • By implementing a rainwater harvesting system to collect most of the rainwater. Dholera Smart City will use this collected water for irrigation throughout the year.
  • Building an international airport which will connect 7 small cities of Gujarat to Dholera Smart City. The Dholera International Airport will act as a second airport for Ahmedabad and once ready, it will be the largest airport in Gujarat.

What do we think about Dholera Smart City?

The Dholera smart city is just the start of a new era of sustainable future cities for India. the government of India is planning to have 100 smart cities built across the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial corridor (DMIC). Cities like Dholera will change the lives of people living in India and will be a big advantage to the businesses.

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